Dark Ages and the Crusades

Fireforge Games – Deus Vult – Wargames rules for the times of the Crusades

The rules of Deus Vult allow you to recreate the flavour of medieval warfare on your tabletop, in a game that is both fun and highly tactical. Brave, crusading knights and their men-at-arms take on the defenders of Islam. In this book, you are going to find:

The Rules of War
Including rules for creating characterful leaders for your army’s divisions, for scouting and seizing the best terrain on the battlefield, and for fighting a battle of wit and nerve against your opponent.

Battle Scenarios
A series of different types of engagement, from the classical pitched battle to more complex layouts, which can be used to play challenging battles.

Mustering an Army
Rules for organizing your models into an army, including two full army lists for the Early Crusader States and the Arab Dynasties, plus a range of sample units from other armies of the medieval period.

Fighting for God
Historical information and a detailed map describing the onset of the Crusades in the Holy Land.

The Battle of Samosata
The illustrated narration of one of our own games, featuring some well-known wargamers

Customizing Your Battles
Includes guidelines and useful tips for running different games of Deus Vult, including tournaments, as well as useful playing aids.

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Knight of Outremer AD 1187–1344

Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Christa Hook
About this book After Saladin’s great victory at the Battle of Hattin in 1137, Outremer, as medieval westerners called the remaining Latin or Catholic enclaves in the eastern Mediterranean, was no longer a threat to Islam. Its military elites preferred to live in peace, focusing on trade as much as on the defence of Christendom’s holy places. In this, the first book in the English language to objectively study the knights of the Latin East, David Nicolle presents a well-balanced and informed account of the Western warriors who defended the Crusader territories for so long.
Contents Introduction · Chronology · Outremer · The Knight in Outremer · Education and Training · Society and Culture · On Campaign · Arms and Armour · Display and Heraldry · Collections · Bibliography · Glossary
Paperback; October 1996; 64 pages; ISBN: 9781855325555
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Saga – Crescent and the The Cross Rulebook

Full colour hardback book, 120 pages. Comes with 6 cards stock Battle Boards and a Quick Reference Sheet.

Contains full SAGA rules, details and rules for six new factions from the Age of The Crusades, new rules for Dogs of War units and Priests plus new scenarios.

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Saga Crescent & Cross Christian Fatigue Tokens

24 mdf tokens in a off white bone type colour.

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