Campaign Books & Games Logistics is a small Queensland Family owned business specialising in French Indian War, Dark Ages &Crusades and World War Two era miniatures, books and terrain and is the proud Australian distributor of the beautifully sculpted Galloping Major Miniatures French Indian War range and the exquisitely designed Cigar Box Battle Mats Wargaming Terrain Mats and what are arguably the best made resin 28mm tanks in the world the Die Waffenkammer range from JTFM.

Being a war gamer of over 30 years, a part time commission painter for 2 years and armed with a degrees in history and museum management it was probably inevitable that this enterprise would evolve. I am focussing on my three favourite historical periods the French Indian War and soon to expand into the Baltic Crusades by the Scandinavian monarchies and the Teutonic Orders and the generally better known Crusades in the Holy Land and the Second world War.

At Campaign Books & Games Logistics we believe gaming is a whole package comprised of the three dimensional beauty of terrain and miniatures combined with social interaction and historical knowledge that divides us from the armchair bound online computer gamer.

To support our belief it is our mission to you the gamer to provide the best package deals of miniatures and complimentary books on the Australian Gaming scene and where possible support local gamers with prize support and discounts at events.

So whether you serve the Chief of the Canada’s in raiding the Ohio Valley, storming the beaches at Normandy or besieging a pagan Prussian Hill fort is more your thing when rolling some dice with friends this website is for you.

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Shayne Treasure

Proprietor Campaign Books & Games Logistics

ABN 73741345827

Proud Australasian Importers and Distributors of Galloping Major Miniatures, Flags of War, Cigar Box Battle Mats and Die Waffenkammer  and Company B 1/56 scale Armoured fighting Vehicles







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